Top Music Festivals in the World

Top Music Festivals in the World


The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival, also commonly known as Coachella, is unarguably the biggest and most remarkable of all music festivals. Coachella has its place fixed at the top of all music festivals and is the highest-grossing music festival in the World. The festival is held annually in April at the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert, California. Coachella has recently become more relevant through social media as the music festival with the most attendance. With millions of people attending every year, Coachella is the ultimate rendezvous for music artists across all genres and is the ultimate celebration of California Culture. Coachella offers a World Stage for artists to share their craft with the World by being live-streamed to millions of fans who couldn’t attend the festivities.


Tomorrowland was first held in August 2005 and since has been an annual music festival held in Antwerp, Belgium. Tomorrowland is one of the biggest music festivals of its kind and features Hip Hop, Electronic Music, and Pop Music. With millions of people attending each year, Tomorrowland is an extravaganza of the most famous DJs in the World. With its World-class stage designs and other-worldly surroundings, commonly known as Tomorrowland Holy Grounds, this music and dance festival offers a magical experience for the attendees. This festival is usually conducted annually in July and expands from two to three weekends. If you are a melomaniac, Tomorrowland is definitely something to be on your bucket list.


Summerfest was acclaimed as the ‘The World’s Largest Music Festival’ by Guinness Records in 1999 and is a music festival conducted annually during the month of June. It was first held in 1968 and is an 11-day festivity held in Wisconsin, United States. Summerfest hosts local and national artists of various popular genres from the United States. Summerfest is organized by a non-profit organization Milwaukee World Festival Inc, and has the best facilities to have a family experience. The main stage of Summerfest is American Family Insurance Amphitheater, with its proximity to Lake Michigan and picturesque landscape offering a memorable music experience for the visitors.

Electric Daisy Carnival

Electric Daisy Carnival, also known as EDC, is the World’s biggest electronic dance music festival. It is held annually during the month of May at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway. Electric Daisy Carnival is known for its beautiful stage setup and environment and is perfect if you are looking for an all-in-one carnival experience complete with rides and giant Ferris wheels. For electronic dance music lovers, this major event spreads over seven stages in a three-day experience on the Las Vegas Strip. You can purchase the tickets to this event online, and an onsite camping experience is also available for visitors.

Glastonbury Festival

Glastonbury Festival, also commonly known as Glasto, is an art festival that usually takes place annually in the month of June in Somerset, England. It was first held in 1970 and since has been one of the most attended music festivals in the World. The Glasto hosts leading pop, country, and rock artists across the World and is organized by a non-profit organization, Glastonbury Festivals Ltd., which donates the proceeds to various charity organizations across England. The most recent Glasto Festival was conducted from 22-26th June 2022 and was star-studded with popular artists like Billie Eilish, Olivia Rodrigo, and Paul McCartney.

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