These Are the Best Music Festivals in the World

These Are the Best Music Festivals in the World

The top music events in the globe place on the countries of Europe, North America, South America, Africa, and Asia, and include Glastonbury, Tomorrowland, Coachella, Primavera Sound, UMF, among others. There is music for everybody, whether you prefer EDM, punk, hip-hop, pop, or hardcore.



Dekmantel has established itself as one of the concerts of option for consumers eager to discover emerging trends. It is a swarm of innovative electronic dance music. It’s a company that avoids using catchy names and frills in favour of promoting and encouraging hazard. Dekmantel has thus become a favourite event to perform for several DJs.

Prisma Sound

The presence of Barcelona’s crowning gem on this ranking shouldn’t be a shock. Annually, the event assembles an exceptional roster free of genre restrictions, bringing along unconventional favourites and discriminating music listeners from around the world in the Parc del Frum, which is located next to the sea.

Roll it out

Let It Roll is essentially the first rhythm and beat album. You may think that a former military airfield south of Prague would be the ideal location for three days of magnificent performances at 170bpm. And the reason for being that it is.

Festival of music and art in Coachella

There’s really nothing you do not really understand about Coachella that we might begin to tell you because it is already a rage.   It’s a huge melting pot of style, A-list musicians, massive art installations, and instagrammable situations everywhere you turn (April in California is plenty hot). Coachella will unquestionably be at the top of the pecking order if it were ranked.


Even if the rivalry from other major music festivals is fiercer than ever before, 13 years well after inception, Tomorrowland also is maintaining its own as the front-runner. The actual strength of Tomorrowland lies in the minute nuances, which are carefully crafted to provide an overwhelming feeling of wonder, rather than the enormous big stage layouts that are featured each year and line-ups that nearly always include all the DJs you’ve ever read about.

The jazz festival in Montreux

There isn’t a celebration older than this one, which has been going on since 1967. Additionally, a handful places in the globe can claim to have produced artists as spectacular as Miles Davis, B.B. King, Nina Simone, David Bowie, Bob Dylan, and Queen. Even today, artists from all over the world congregate on the Lake Geneva coastline to perform in places all over the Swiss city.

Amsterdam Dance Event (ADE)

Even if they are fans of electronic dance music, many individuals probably haven’t heard of ADE, another of those event behemoths. The whole electronic music biz, however, descended on Amsterdam’s concert venues, convention centers, clubs, and sidewalks for five days every October, carrying with it massive presentations, panel discussions, technological demonstrations, and full-fledged festivals. The largest festival is likely Amsterdam Music Festival, and DGTL, Dockyard, and Paradise are just a few of the companies that are frequently present.

Patrick Kerley