Theatre Festivals Around the World

Theatre Festivals Around the World

If you love seeing international theater, consider attending Theatre Festivals Around The World. The following list covers some of the world’s most renowned festivals. Whether you’re a European and American theatre fan or interested in experiencing the arts in a different country, there is a Festival for you! Here are some of the best:


Previously, the CIFET theatre festival was only limited to Egyptian troupes performing live in Cairo. This year, the festival will include international plays and feature local performances by Egyptian troupes. The artistic directors are Mohamed Abdelrahman El-Shafei and SaeedKabeel. The festival will be organized from early September through the end of October. The festival will also feature master classes and workshops in acting, directing, and other theatre techniques.

Adelaide Fringe

The Adelaide Fringe Theatre Festival is a four-week arts and culture event. This open-access festival brings together Australian and international artists to present a variety of entertainment. The event’s diverse performances include cabaret, comedy, light shows, dance, design, and puppetry. You can find everything from stand-up comedy to the world’s largest disco! If you’re interested in seeing a play, try searching the festival’s website.

Ashland International Arts Festival

Ashland International Arts Festival

The Ashland International Arts Festival is the perfect place for arts lovers to unwind after a long day at work. With an array of events, you can take part in many art forms, and the festival also provides opportunities for the whole family to participate in different activities. There are many things to do during the festival, from shopping to watching a concert. From outdoor concerts to educational exhibits, this event has it all.

Galway International Arts Festival

The Galway International Arts Festival, established in 1978, is a major cultural event that produces new works for the international and national stage. The festival is known for its annual arts festival and discussion forum, “First Thought Talks.”


You’re missing out if you’ve never been to the TweedeNuweJaar Theatre Festival. This 31-day extravaganza takes place in the historic District Six neighborhood of Cape Town. The main parade is called the TweedeNuweJaar and is rooted in the city’s past as a slave haven. In the 19th century, Cape Town enslaved people were given the day off to celebrate the new year, also known as Coon Carnival. The parade includes enslaved people dressed as singers, dancing and drinking to the beat of the music.


The 2014 aactWORLDFEST Theatre Festivals around the world celebrate theater’s power and joy, presenting productions from around the world in various languages. Each festival features a variety of theatrical styles and genres and includes performances by some of the world’s most popular companies. In addition to its main stage, the aactWORLDFEST includes a small Pinkerton stage, which can hold as few as 90 people. This will feature a selection of international and local artists in blocks of two or three productions each.

Monamas Theatre Company

The Monamas Theatre Company has been invited to participate in the Festival of Contemporary Drama in Mumbai, organized by Kala Academy in association with the National School of Drama. The company is bringing five plays to the festival and has requested the participation of more international theatre groups. They also invite two Indian theatre groups from Tamil Nadu and Delhi to participate in the festival. The festival will offer a unique platform for theatre lovers and students to experience a variety of modern and traditional plays.

Fresh Fruit Festival

The Fresh Fruit Festival is an annual celebration of queer theatre, art, and culture. The festival takes place in February every year and is packed with drag, burlesque, and theatre performances. Thailand is a hotbed of LGBT pride, and the festival highlights this by awarding awards for technical work, outstanding performance, and community service. Fresh Fruit recognizes individuals, organizations, and businesses that enrich the LGBT community through service, education, and advocacy.

DC LGBT Centre

DC LGBT Centre

This year’s DC LGBT Centre Theatre Festival offers a unique mix of plays about gay and transgender experiences. This event is a great way to see the local LGBTQ community on stage while educating and empowering the area’s young people. Founded by the DC LGBT Centre in 2009, the event features a diverse cast of actors and directors. Featuring plays by local and national artists, the festival offers a unique experience that no other DC theatre event can provide.

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